Happy New Year! Eliasz and Ella Jewelry Celebrates 1 Year in Business and an Exciting 2014! January 07 2014

So we've most definitely been a little infrequent on our Eliasz and Ella blog posts recently, but perhaps an effort to update our blog more regularly could be our New Year's Resolution?! 

We are coming up on our 1st year anniversary since starting Eliasz and Ella Jewelry and Accessories and let me tell you, 2013 was an absolute whirlwind. We cannot thank you; our friends, family, and new clients and customers enough for an absolutely fabulous year! We are thrilled to be in a number of retail locations across Canada and to have made so many wonderful and genuine relationships with both our clients and fellow business owners.  We have so many exciting things planned for 2014 and we cannot wait to share the details of our latest endeavours with you all very soon!

We would like to update you all on our latest retail location, as we are very excited to have Eliasz and Ella Jewelry featured alongside the other fabulous brands now at Tryst Boutique in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! We are constantly expanding our reach across Canada, and were thrilled to have the opportunity to now have a retail location in Saskatchewan at such a smokin' Saskatoon boutique! 

With so many exciting Eliasz and Ella Jewelry features and events coming up in 2014, please continue to check  our website for updates and news that we will continue to post more frequently! 

Here's to a fabulous 2014!