How to care for your favourite E&E pieces

Purchasing new jewelry is always a highlight for us. We love the excitement of mixing new pieces with previously owned ones and adding new colours to our collection. One thing is for certain, it’s important to treat your jewelry with care if you want it to last beautiful as long as possible! We thought it was about time we shared the best ways to care for your favourite E&E pieces. We’ve put together some simple do’s and don’ts and we encourage you to visit our take care page for any further information on taking care of your E&E jewelry!
What to do!
If you would like to clean your jewelry pieces, the best way is to use a dry, clean, lint-free, soft cloth with minimal pressure. As far as storage goes, we encourage you to store your jewelry in a dry location that also prevents contact with other jewelry, the small cloth bags provided at purchase time are a great way to create a separation between pieces.
What not to do!
Over time, all plated metals will tarnish but there are ways to help slow this process down. We suggest you avoid putting them in contact with things such as perfume, water, lotions and hair products. We also do not recommend our jewelry to persons with metal intolerances, sensitivities and/or allergies as it is possible for our jewelry components to contain some level of metal constituents that may trigger a reaction.
We hope these tricks and tips will help you keep your E&E jewelry looking as fabulous as the day you bought it for as long as possible!
Till next time,
The E&E Team oxox