Let's Talk About Rings

Rings have been an important part of our most recent collections. We love that something so small can really add the finishing touch to a look.
More is more when it comes to ring stacking! Looking through your own ring collection, try finding ways to stack them to give them a new look. Different styles paired together can create a new life for those rings you haven't been wearing as much. Much like layering necklaces, ring stacking is a fun way to showcase your pieces in a new way!
Let's take a look at the rings we love pairing together the most.
The "Seaside" ring is made of blue quartz and rose gold plated components. We love the pop of colour it adds to a stack. We love this ring paired with same one of it's kind as well as with other rose gold rings.
The "Elegant" and "Intrigue" rings are inseparable. Both made with rose gold plated components and rose quartz stones, these rings look as beautiful paired together or with other rings.
We hope this will inspire you to create new ring stacks!
Until next time,
The E&E Team oxox