Special Blog Featuring Sarah Pankiw

Hello! My name is Sarah Pankiw and I am a soon to be 30yr old!, mom, wife, business owner and blogger here in Edmonton! I remember when I first started my blog Boots & Bassets, I wanted it to reflect my personal style but also be inclusive, unique and real. I came across Eliasz and Ella in a small boutique here in Edmonton (Miss Boss) almost 5 years ago and they resembled everything I loved in a brand, high quality, affordable, local, unique, diverse and real, real pieces that real women can wear everyday regardless of their age, profession or stage in life. 
I wanted to share three of my staple Eliasz & Ella pieces, pieces that I have owned for years and still consistently, to this day wear daily!
City Studs: I have several variations of the city studs, most recently the Rose Gold Tear Drop Studs and these earrings are not only absolutely stunning with the shimmer from the druzy stone but compliment any outfit whether you're wearing jeans and a tee or a pant suit! My favourite way to wear the city studs is with my hair in a soft bun (to really showcase the earrings) and paired with the Rose Gold Azure Green Agate Necklace
Bangin Bracelet: Like many who love the E & E brand, the bangin bracelets are a wardrobe necessity, a personal favourite and daily go to! If I had to choose some of my favourite bracelet stones they would definitely include Rose Quartz, White Jade & Amazon Stone! When pairing the bangin bracelets I love to wear atleast two or three in coordination with my attire that day! 
Last but definitely not least probably my favourite earrings of all time, the Ear Crawlers! I have both the silver and gold set and I absolute love that I can wear them as a set or individually on my upper lobe and helix! Everytime I wear these earrings I get compliments as they are so unique and eye-catching,I love that they bring out my inner boho!