The "Reine" Earrings

If you have taken a look at our latest collection, you may have noticed the new "Reine" earrings. Already a best selling item, we are crazy about the elegant look of these gemstone earrings. 
Available in four different gemstones, these earrings can be dressed up and down. As the "Reine" earrings are made with natural gemstones, each pair is unique in its own way. We encourage you to visit an e&e retailer near you to select the perfect pair! Check out the four styles below.
First up are the "Reine" earrings in Strawberry Agate on rose gold plated components. Agate is believed to assist with protection, rebalancing, and cleansing. It is believed to attract strength and to have soothing and calming factors.
Second, are the "Reine" earrings in Rose Quartz on rose gold plated components. Rose quartz is believed to be a stone of love, compassion, peace, tenderness and healing. It is believed to increase fertility and to protect during pregnancy and childbirth.
Additionally, we have the "Reine" earrings in Crystal Quartz on gold plated components. Crystal Quartz is believed to assist in clarity of mind, harmony, and calmness. It is believed to amplify energy and thought.
Lastly, one of our favourite gemstones this season, are the "Reine" earrings in Green Rutilated Quartz! Green Rutilated Quartz is believed to assist in finding truth and your real self.
For more ideas on how to style the "Reine" earrings, find us on social media!