Travelling with your E&E jewelry

Summer time is a great time for travel. Some of our favourite items to bring with us on vacation are versatile jewelry pieces! When visiting sunshine destinations, we prioritize bright and colourful gemstones that pair seamlessly with our bathing suits and summer tops! 
Turquoise is a must for summer time. Each year, we look forward to this season to see our favourite Bangin’ Bracelets stacks shine in the sunlight. As seen above, we like to wear these colourful mixes by the water!
Bangin’ Bracelets are also easy to pair with on-the-go outfits. When getting ready to go explore the town, we like to wear soft pinks and purples with denim jeans and macrame handbags.
Finally, stacking rings brings a fun element to every style! Pairing the “Stream”, “Elegant” and “Seaside” rings together adds the perfect touch of personality to our look.
oxox, The E&E Team