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Special Blog Featuring Sarah Pankiw

Hello! My name is Sarah Pankiw and I am a soon to be 30yr old!, mom, wife, business owner and blogger here in Edmonton! I remember when I first started my blog Boots & Bassets, I wanted it to reflect my personal style but also be inclusive, unique and real. I came across Eliasz and Ella in a small boutique here in Edmonton (Miss Boss) almost 5 years ago and they resembled everything I loved in a brand, high quality, affordable, local, unique, diverse and real, real pieces that real women can wear everyday regardless of their age, profession or stage in life.  I wanted to share three of my staple Eliasz & Ella pieces, pieces that I have owned...

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Florals, Pops of Colour and Mother's Day

Hello again E&E lovers! With the nicer weather finally in town, we’re excited to pull out some of our spring clothes and pair them with our favourite jewelry pieces. Everyday wear is important to us and we want to showcase how easy it is to wear some of our latest collection pieces. This month, we’re favouring some Blue-lace Agate pieces to add a little pop of colour to our day. Florals and patterns can be paired beautifully with one of our three new long chain stone necklaces, just like the “Emerge” Labradorite Necklace. This necklace is one of our favourite as its colour is ever changing in different lighting! Finally, we have mama on our mind. E&E is the perfect...

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New Season, New Styles

We love versatile jewelry. A piece that can be dressed up or down is one that will be put to great use. Spring is also the perfect time to try new things and find a new life for some older pieces by combining them with new ones. First on our list to do’s is combining new and old necklaces. Playing around with stones and necklace length can make a piece look fun and casual or a little more chic. We also love mixing new bracelets together. Some stones such as the blue-lace agate look different when they are placed next to certain colours. It is one of the many reasons we love it so much! Finally, sometimes less is more....

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