Reserve Listing MB November 2016


1. Stretchable stackable matte black onyx stone (12 mm beads) bracelet- with believe word added and logo. $30 CAN

2. Stretchable stackable wooden jasper stone ( 12 mm beads) bracelet- "Elephant Escape" please- preferably stones containing some reddish brown color as well as the darkest and lightest colors. $30 CAN

3. Stretchable stackable red riverstone (12 mm beads) bracelet with golden brass heart, love word added and logo. $30 CAN

4. Stretchable stackable white howlite (12mm beads) bracelet with dream word added and logo. $30 CAN

5. Stretchable stackable agate-crackled white-black-blue ( 10 mm beads) with inspire word added and logo. $30 CAN

6. Stretchable stackable deep blue riverstone (12 mm beads) with gold color blue crystal Hamsa charm and logo-"Talisman stone". $30 CAN

Sub Total: $180 CAN

+ GST @ 5%

Total: $189 CAN

Black Friday Discount Code for 25% off: blackfriday2016

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