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Our new friends at Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society!

Our new friends at Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society!

It’s no secret we LOVE ANIMALS here at e&e! Wild ones, domestic ones, and everything in between!

This month, we’ve made some new friends at the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS). An amazing charitable non-profit organization formed in 2013 to help injured, abandoned, unwanted, and homeless animals.

We’ve partnered with GEARS in support of their silent auction for a chance to bid on a $250+ eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry prize pack! 100% of the proceeds go to GEARS.

We believe in the work GEARS does in our communities in support of animal companions and we invite you to both support and learn more about this critical organization and its volunteers.

Compassion motivates this 100% volunteer powered organization to help, heal, and alleviate the pain of the animals they encounter.

GEARS relies on a network of volunteers and foster homes working together to give companion animals a second chance at their forever family.

We engaged with Kate McKenna, GEARS Medical Team, Community Liaison and Volunteer/Foster Home Super Human Volunteer to learn more about how direct support makes an impact at GEARS.

Here is Kate telling us about some of the amazing things she and her team does:

This year alone we’ve had 122 cats in care, including about 30 born in foster homes

Dogs we’ve cared for 131 so far with 49 puppies born into foster homes (including 3 at my house).

Due to an increasing volume of surrender requests, and abandoned animals, we have taken the initiative to rescue, foster, and re-home small animals as well. In care, we have 3 bunnies and are looking forward to helping other small creatures in the future.

We are completely volunteer run, and a registered charity. We get all our funding through donations, grants, fundraising, and sponsorships. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there has been a huge decrease in grants, fundraising opportunities, donations, and we’ve had to scramble to try and run as many events as we can virtually.

Our animals come from the Edmonton Area, surrounding communities, rural clinics, Alberta SPCA, and our First Nations Outreach Community Alexis.

All our animals are placed in vetted foster homes, and we provide all supplies; food, toys, treats, kennels, harnesses, brain teasers, etc. Due to COVID we’ve also been struggling to find enough foster homes, as people are having to change their lifestyles and living situations. We have a few partner kennels and stores that help foster animals as well.

On an average day we get between 1-16 animal surrender or transfer (from animal care and control, Alberta SPCA, etc.) requests. We often take in pregnant animals, sick animals (senior, kidney disease, etc.), and injured animals (hit by car, run in with porcupines, human violence, dog pack fights, etc.).

GEARS pays for all foster animals’ vet care, including vaccinations, spays, and neuter procedures. These day-to-day costs on top of all our emergency vetting adds up to often thousands of dollars weekly.

We truly rely on the support of our animal loving community, near and far. Whenever we’ve had to close down animal intakes due to a lack of funds, people and businesses like eLiasz and eLLa help us to get back on our feet, to keep helping animals in need ❤️.

Just this past week we brought in a pup with quills, Scarlett who had to go to the emergency vet as she came in after hours to our care. One of our foster dogs Riley is getting vet care for severe kennel cough. Another, Tony, is getting a few broken teeth extracted as we speak. One kitten born into care, Dill, is under investigation for what is causing seizures.

You can say there is never a dull moment in rescue!

We thank Kate for sharing the realities of animal welfare and the work GEARS does in our communities in support of animals in need like Scarlett, Riley, Tony, and Dill. Without GEARS, these beautiful animals would not have a chance.

Thank you to community volunteer leaders like Kate, Karla, Maggie, Kristen, Liz, Heather, Tamara, Courtnee, Jewell, Erin, Dawn at the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society for your dedication, compassion, and love for our animal companions.

Check out the GEARS Facebook page for your chance to bid on the $250+ eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry prize pack later this month! 100% of the proceeds go to GEARS.

GEARS silent auctions are advertised on Facebook:

Check out the GEARS website and social media channels for more information and how you can get involved!

Instagram: @gearsociety

Thank you so much for choosing e&e for your jewelry purchases, enabling us to support important community organizations like GEARS.

Kristen Mackie – Owner
eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry Inc.

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