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Protecting Our e&e Social Community Together

Digital fraud is nothing new but it is now growing quickly through social media channels like Instagram.

At e&e, we are always on the lookout for copycat fake accounts that are impersonating our brand, targeting our e&e community with the intent to gain your trust, and steal your personal and/or financial information.

Fraudsters are progressively more sophisticated but there are ways you can protect yourself.

There is only one official e&e Instagram account: @eliaszandellajewelry
Anyone asking you to follow, click a link, and/or provide information of any kind that is not @eliaszandellajewelry is likely a fraudster.

The most common e&e fake accounts are related to our contests. Fraudsters will create fake "claim your prize" accounts, message you a congratulations message, and ask you to take steps to claim your prize, which usually includes disclosing information. Don't be fooled!

Only trust messages from @eliaszandellajewelry and watch for cloned accounts that may add an underscore to our name as an example, and copy our images
(i.e. @eliaszandellajewelry_).

We will not ask you for any information to claim your prize other than your e-mail and mailing address. We do not use prize claim forms. We do not use prize claim links. We will never ask you for any payment for prize shipping or "prize claim fees".

If you have a feeling something is not quite right or a bit suspicious, contact us on Instagram or e&e LiveCHAT at;; Facebook Messenger; and the good old tele at 780 203 9763.

What can you do? Report fraudulent clone accounts to Instagram. Notify us of the suspected or clearly obvious scam account(s) so that we can inform our entire e&e community.

Together, we can fight this Instagram plague of fake accounts, and we will continue to take immediate action to get them shutdown as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to everyone that takes the time out of your busy lives to report fraudulent accounts, and notify us.

We acknowledge and appreciate your dedication and THANK YOU for keeping our e&e community protected and safe. Stay vigilant!

Kristen Mackie
Owner & Creative Director
eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry

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