About Us

eLiasz and eLLa ~ [ih-lahy-ash]  [el-uh]

Eliasz and Ella Jewelry Inc.

e: kristen@eliaszandella.com

p: 780 633 4103 (studio office)


XOXO ~ Kristen


We are a Canadian independent jewelry brand based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(...cue the beavers and Mounties - start pouring the maple syrup...) 

The eLiasz and eLLa brand was established in 2013


The Brand. The Company. The People.

Hi! I'm Kristen Mackie, the Owner and Creative Director of eLiasz and eLLa - jewelry and accessories for the urban soul. The brand is a namesake for my two children, Eliasz and Ella.

eLiasz and eLLa is an independent Canadian jewelry and accessory brand inspired by urban diversity and culture. eLiasz and eLLa thrives in the positive and competitive Canadian indie jewelry design scene, challenging our company to be thoughtful and progressively creative. Our company takes the best elements of artisan-studio-handmade and we scale it up to deliver our jewelry across Canada . I hold relationship building with local entrepreneurs, retailers, fashion champions and clients like you as a critical success factor.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Alberta holding both a Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Education degree. I started my career teaching English as a Second Language at Grant MacEwan University. My professional commitment as an educator and experiences interacting with international students during their studies highlighted the full potential Alberta offers as a recognized destination that supports entrepreneurial drive and ambition.

In 2013, eLiasz and eLLa started as my creative entrepreneurial idea. I am a mother, entrepreneur and proud Albertan, dedicated, driven, and focused on bringing eLiasz and eLLa to its full potential as a recognizable, desired and sought out jewelry brand.

I thank you, our clients, friends and partners for making eLiasz and eLLa the brand we are today.

K. Mackie

The meaning behind jewelry and accessories for the urban soul;

“eLiasz and eLLa jewelry, like a city’s diversity and culture, defines the spirit of the person wearing it.” KM