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Ella for Animals








Hi! I’m Ella Krezalek! I'm 9 years old, and I founded Ella for Animals to help wild animals across Alberta and Canada.

I love animals and I decided to do something to help our wild animal friends. Together with my parents, we researched and thought about what we can do. We created super comfortable t-shirts for kids like me that shows our support for wild animals in Canada.

For every Ella for Animals t-shirt you buy, $10 will go directly to the care for injured, orphaned or compromised wildlife with the aim of returning them to wild habitats in Canada.                                 

Printed with our Ella for Animals logo, you will inspire others to seek out information about wild animal rescue and conservation. Our t-shirt is a call to action for everyone!

You will get noticed wearing our awesome kids t-shirt and we are here to help you share information and build your knowledge about helping our wild animal friends in Alberta and across Canada!

Get your Ella for Animals t-shirt today and get free shipping across Canada!

I have chosen the Medicine River Wildlife Centre as our first benefactor! We visited the Centre on August 13, 2020 for an educational session and photo-shoot. More to come on this!

Girls inspiring others is to take action through leadership is very powerful and inspiring.⁣ It was so great to be a part of my Mom's A Woman A Day YEG feature on 104.9 Virgin Radio with Katie Stanners! Officially my favourite radio host!

Thank you so much for your support!

Ella Krezalek @ Ella for Animals

Ella for Animals is sponsored by eLiasz and eLLa jewelry Inc.

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